Mei explained before Parliament about the attack on Syria

Prime Minister Theresa may explained to Parliament about military intervention in Syria. It is reported by Euronews.

According to her, the strike was not an attempt to please the United States. “We did not follow the orders of the United States and defended national interests. We must not allow the use of chemical weapons was considered the norm,” she said.

the head of the government added that the actions were not agreed with the Parliament because of the need to make a decision quickly. “The government has the right to act at its own discretion, and to the Parliament to address later,” said Mei.

Earlier, the leader of the British parliamentary opposition, labour Jeremy Corbyn criticized the decision of the Prime Minister to attack Syria along with the United States and France and asked to provide its legal justification. He also said that Mei should be accountable to the Parliament of his country, but not before Washington gave his speech RIA Novosti.

a Joint operation of the three Western States was held at night on April 14. According to according Pentagon targets in Syria have been released, a total of 105 cruise missiles, all of them reached the goal. General staff of the Russian armed forces said that it launched rockets 103, 71 was intercepted by means of Syrian air defenses.