Merkel for the fourth time became Chancellor of Germany

the leader of the party “Christian democratic Union” (CDU) Angela Merkel for the fourth consecutive elected by the Bundestag as the head of government of Germany. It is reported Reuters Wednesday, March 14.

In the course of voting at the meeting of Parliament it received the necessary majority for re-election. In her, supported 364 deputies, against — 315, and 9 abstained.

Later, the ceremony must take place where the President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier will officially announce the appointment of Merkel, Chancellor of Germany. After she is sworn in.

Merkel first became Chancellor in November 2005. At the moment, she’s occupies this post for 12 years and 112 days — 22 days longer than the power was the Fuhrer of the Third Reich Adolf Hitler.

the Election of the Chancellor took place after the formation in February of a coalition government after the elections of 2017 in the Bundestag. Then the CDU and CSU (Christian social Union) led by Merkel reached compromise at the talks with the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD).