NATO prepared for the worst case scenario for trump

NATO preparing for the worst-case scenario of a summit of the countries-members of the Alliance due to threats of U.S. President Donald trump to the allies. This was told CNN the European diplomatic source.

As expected, the event is officially announced including the expansion of opportunities in cyberspace, the steps to increase readiness to deploy its troops in any situation and the emergence of new commands. At the same time, concerns among European leaders displeases trump spending on defense. In particular, on 10 July, the President of the United States asked the question of whether member countries to reimburse Washington spent on their protection money.

“the Best case scenario: this is just rhetoric, told CNN the diplomat. But the likely and different effects, we are ready for them”. According to him, the real threat to NATO will be the reduction of trump strength, which helps member countries with protection. “Now it’s probably the worst of all possible scenarios,” the official added.

the American leader has repeatedly said that will force all NATO members to pay contributions at the agreed level of two percent of GDP. At the same time, the majority of States members of the Alliance, plans to achieve this goal by 2024. The United States spends on NATO 3.58 percent of GDP — more than any other.

Previously, reported that neither the king of Belgium, nor the Prime Minister not come to meet trump, who arrived in Brussels to attend the NATO summit. The event will be held in the Belgian capital on July 11-12.