New attack on Syria called glitch in the system

No new night attacks on targets in Syria was not. This was announced Reuters the commander of the regional military Alliance that supports the Syrian government.

According to him, to trigger the air defense system gave a false alarm. The commander said that the crash occurred due to “joint electronic attack” the US and Israel. Its purpose was to the Syrian radar system. He added that the incident was handled by Russian experts.

before the 17th of April, Syria’s state television announced that air defenses repelled missile attack on the air base of government forces in HOMS province. It was explained that all the shells were shot down during the approach, the victims and destructions were not. USA declared their innocence to the event, there was also the version of the attack from Israel.

on the night of 14 April, the United States, Britain and France launched a missile attack on Syria. Their goals were the objects allegedly involved in chemical weapons production.