North Korean propaganda has ceased to hate the United States

In North Korean propaganda, there has been a softening of tone towards long-standing enemies of the state, the United States, South Korea and Japan. New posters call for departure from the policy of isolation. It is reported by the Asian Correspondent.

Korean media noted that new posters and banners in the streets of the country to promote economic development and rapprochement of the Korean nation. One of the posters that cites “Bi-bi-si”, calls for easing tensions North and South Korea to counter “the danger of war”. In gift shops, located to the perimeter network has gone anti-American postcards, posters and stamps.

“anti-American bias simply disappeared. It seems that North Korea is preparing people to something new,” said Peter ward (Peter Ward), an expert at Seoul national University, studying the propaganda of North Korea.

for several decades, North Korean leaders promoted the belief that the USA is “rotten, painful and a pirate nation.” However, in a very short time a sharp tone against the “enemies” have almost disappeared, which strengthens hopes for a reorientation of policy in North Korea for inclusion in the international community and the beginning of a diplomatic thaw for the people.

the Majority of North Koreans do not have easy access to information, so the state media and propaganda has a much greater impact than in other countries.