Obama caught on unwillingness to combat Afghan heroin

the Administration of former U.S. President Barack Obama in 2013 rejected a plan to prosecute American judiciary commanders Taliban (banned in Russia) and their allies-drug dealers. This writes the Politico.

a Plan called “Operation response” (Operation Reciprocity) provided for the suppression of the supply of the drug worldwide and resistance to the Taliban, provides income from the drug trade contributed to the growth of the insurgency in Afghanistan and killing American soldiers. However, Obama administration, citing “political considerations”, the document is rejected.

“It was the most effective of all developed strategies for curbing the supply of drugs from Afghanistan and their separation from the Taliban,” says one of the developers of the operation Michael Marsac (Marsac Michael).

the Authors of the plan — the Department for combating drugs and Ministry of justice criticized the decision of the former administration and we hope that the current occupant of the White house Donald trump adopt previously developed tactics to combat the supply of heroin from Central Asian countries.

the Taliban and related drug barons are responsible for supplying 90 percent of heroin in the world, the newspaper writes.