Putin admitted the possibility of the work of defendants in the “list Mueller” in the United States

Russians, which spectracolor USA Robert Muller has accused of meddling in American elections, could work for US. This opinion was expressed by President of Russia Vladimir Putin during an interview with NBC. A snippet of conversation published in Twitter morning show Today, which airs on channel.

In conversation with the host he called relations between Russia and the United States complicated. “You called me the part of individuals, some persons and told me that they are Russian. So what? They can, being a Russian, to work for an American company. Maybe some of them worked for some of the candidates,”- he said and stressed that among the accused “with the same success” could be the Americans.

“Floated some names, so what? With the same success it could be the names of the Americans who sit here and interfere in your political process,” Putin said.