Rome decided to clean from the Roma

Minister of internal Affairs of Italy Matteo Salvini declared intention to clean up Rome from the Roma without documents. His words, reports The Local.

By order of the head interior Ministry in the capital will conduct a census of Roma. “Illegal immigrants we expel by agreement with other countries, and those who are Italian citizens, unfortunately, have to leave,” he complained.

the Salvini is the leader of the winning parliamentary elections the party “Northern League” that support anti-immigrant policies, repeatedly sharply spoke to the Romans. So, during the celebration of city day on April 8, Salvini said that “if the Romans worked more and stolen less, if they children were sent to classes, instead of learning to steal, then it would be something to celebrate.”

In may, “League” announced its intention to demolish all illegal refugee camps in the capital, and to withdraw from families of children who do not attend school.