Russia refused to consider Skripal a traitor

Moscow does not believe a former Colonel of the GRU Sergei Skripal traitor, stated the Ambassador of Russia in London Alexander Yakovenko. His words convey RIA Novosti.

“He is a free man, a Russian citizen, as a British citizen. He can do anything you want. I think he’s settled his problems with the Russian government,” — said the diplomat.

Deputy Head of mission also voiced a desire to meet with Skripal and make sure that he doesn’t want help from Russia. “You have to say about it personally. And we want to see it because to date no one has seen photographs of them, nobody heard their voices, never seen, alive or not — we do not know” — said Yakovenko.

Earlier, on may 18 in National health service England said that the former Russian spy was released from the hospital. May 17 reported that investigators continue to question him.

the Daughter of Sergei Skripal Julia, is poisoned with it, wrote from the hospital April 10.