Russia responded to the threat of London to carry out cyber attacks

the Russian Embassy in London sent a formal request to the British foreign office with a request to explain the threat of the implementation of cyber attacks against Russia. This is stated in Twitter Russia.

“the Embassy officially asked the British foreign office with explanations concerning threats to carry out a cyber attack made in Parliament and in the media. Russia is very serious about violations in the sphere of cyber security,” the statement says.however, as said press Secretary of the Embassy about the cyber attacks “the decision may be taken tomorrow at a meeting of the national security Council”. “We urge the British side to weigh the consequences of such irresponsible decisions,” — said the representative of the Embassy.

Earlier, the Times newspaper reported that the British government considering the possibility of secret cyber attacks against Russia in response to the poisoning of the Salisbury ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia. According to the publication, the British Ministry of defense and the government of the country accelerates the development of collaborative malicious cibachrome.

Prime Minister Theresa may has demanded from Russia until the evening of March 13 to provide explanations about possible involvement in the death Skripal. Mae has threatened serious action if the terms of the ultimatum are not met.the Russian foreign Ministry called the statement of the head of the British Prime Minister “a circus show” and insisted Russia was not involved in the poisoning Skripal.

March 4, Sergei Skripal and his 33-year-old daughter was found unconscious in Salisbury. British authorities said that their poisoned nervously-paralytic substance of the Russian production. Currently both are in hospital in critical condition. A former GRU Colonel, was granted asylum in the United Kingdom after an exchange of intelligence between Moscow and Washington in 2010.