Russia suspected Soviet chemist of aiding terrorism because of the “Newbie”

the nerve agent systems “Beginner”, which, allegedly, was poisoned by a former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter, you can create special equipment according to published Soviet chemist will maszynowym by the formula. This was stated by the head of the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection (NBC) of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Kirillov, reports on Wednesday, March 21, “Interfax”.

a Detailed description of the process of synthesis of substances was published in 2008 in the book “State secrets: Chronicles of the insider” Mirzayanov, who is considered one of the developers of the poison, said Kirillov during the briefing in the foreign Ministry for foreign diplomatic representatives. According to him, with this formula, a University education, the necessary equipment and components can be “easily to obtain highly active chemical warfare agent”.

the Head of NBC troops indicated that Moscow “considers the fact that open publication of the formulas of the so-called toxic substances and processes for their synthesis as an act in furtherance of terrorism”. He also urged to ask questions about the existence of a “Newbie” working for the U.S. government Mirzayanova because “Russia has to it no relation”.

Kirillov added that since the 1970s in Western Europe was conducted program for the development of toxic substances, and one of the leaders in this field in the UK. London “under the pretext of development of effective countermeasures against chemical and biological weapons continues to conduct experiments,” and one of the most significant projects in this field lab in Port Dawn, a few miles from Salisbury, he said.

Relations between Moscow and London deteriorated sharply after British Salisbury was poisoned former spy Skripal and his daughter Julia. They are in a coma.

According to the British side, at the crime scene were found traces of a substance called “Beginner”, supposedly developed by the USSR for military purposes. Russia denies the charges.