Serbia was asked to recognize Crimea

the Opposition Serbian radical party urged the President Aleksandar Vucic to recognize the Crimea part of Russia. Write about it “news” with reference to the leader of the party Alexander Seselj.

According to him, in order that Serbia did not recognize the entry of the Peninsula into structure of Russia in 2014, there is no reason. “Moscow supports Belgrade on the issue of Kosovo and Metohija. However, Serbia in fact does not recognize the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation. We want Belgrade refused to hypocritical policy and officially recognized the Crimea part of Russia,” said šešelj.

Earlier, on June 2, the President of Serbia Alexander survived explained the refusal to recognize Crimea as Russian territory. According to him, the recognition of the jurisdiction of Russia over the Crimea would mean the recognition of Kosovo’s independence. “But put yourself in our place. Anyone of the permanent members UN Security Council supports our territorial integrity? Russia. Can we shoot ourselves in the foot?” he added.