Shot have taken the French hostages “ISIS soldiers”

the Man who seized hostages at a supermarket in the commune of Trebes, South of France, eliminated. About it reports on Friday, March 23, BFM TV.

According to TV channel, the police shot him during the assault. According Reuters, right before the assailant agreed to exchange the only remaining hostage to the siloviki.

Earlier it was reported that the attacker killed at least three people, two of them in the supermarket. One was killed, another was wounded before, when the man decided to steal a car from them. The driver’s body was found in a roadside ditch, writes LCI.

According to him, the assailant is of Moroccan origin and known to the intelligence services. In addition to small arms, he was armed with knives and grenades and talked about “revenge for the brothers in Syria.” The man also demanded the release of Salah Abdesalam, the main suspect in the case of the terrorist attacks in Paris on 13 November 2015.

hostage-taking happened about 11:15 local time (13:15 GMT). Unknown broke into the Super U supermarket and opened fire. The man shouted the phrase “I am a soldier of ISIS” (the terrorist group “Islamic state”, banned in Russia). Reuters he said that he also shouted “Allah Akbar, I will kill you all.”

Before he opened fire on the commandos in the nearby town of Carcassonne from the car. The attack happened when the men went for a run. One of the security officers was injured, his life is not in danger.