Special services of Turkey, learned of the impending assassination attempt on Erdogan in the Balkans

Turkey’s Intelligence agencies learned of a possible assassination attempt on the President Recep Tayyip erdoğan during his forthcoming visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is reported TRT Haber.

it is Noted that Western intelligence agencies gave Turkish colleagues about “plotting to kill a group of Turkish citizens during his visit to the Balkans”. While there is no clear information about time, day, place and planned modus operandi.

In July 2017, the Turkish intelligence agencies warned German police about a possible attack on Erdogan during the G20 summit in Hamburg. In particular, Ankara the day before the forum to Berlin sent a letter in which reported that the attack on the Turkish leader can “people, dressed in the uniform of the German police”. According to the newspaper Die Welt, the German secret services were not further strengthen the security measures, arguing that to carry out the attempt on the Turkish leader is impossible.