Students shot in Florida filled up condolence letters

imprisoned 19-year-old Nicholas Cruz, killing 17 students in the U.S. state of Florida, overwhelmed with sympathy and love letters. It is reported by CNN.

In a prison the young man comes from 100 to 200 letters from residents of the United States and other countries, including men, expressed his support and sympathy. It is reported that some women and girls sent their photos in their underwear, and someone even offers Cruz financial aid.

arrow Lawyer Howard Finkelstein (Finkelstein Howard) told the TV station that had never seen such a large number of letters addressed to the defendant. In addition, he did not come no condemnation of the message.

“Some people think: “Poor thing, I can help him, I can be an important part of his life,” commented CNN’s the situation the therapist. They grew up in violence and insensitive to him. In some cases, the risk even attracted to.”

According to the lawyer, Cruz does not know about the existence of the letters. He was not allowed to deliver correspondence, as it is under the special supervision to prevent suicide. Learn about letters, he can only counsel. Finkelstein said that he had told the young man about the letters with religious content.

the Prosecution asks for Cruz’s death penalty. Protection, in turn, requires 34 life sentences in exchange for guilty plea defendants.

February 14, Cruz opened shooting in his former school in Parkland (Florida). In the result, 17 people were killed and at least 14 were injured. The young man was detained. Reported also that of the FBI at least twice warned of the threat posed by cruise. In both cases, they did not provide this information to local security forces.