The American left without coffee because of hatred of Muslims

the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in the U.S. city of riverside (California) Barista refused to serve the man after his Islamophobic remarks of the visitor-Muslim. This writes the The Independent. Insulted client removed the incident on video.

Kathleen Deady — Muslim woman in niqab standing in the queue for a middle — aged man, when he turned to her with the words “Halloween Now or what?”. The woman asked him why he says so, what’s wrong with her and what he had problems with Muslims. “You tell me, what is wrong with you,” continued the attacks the man, adding that he does not like Muslims because their doctrine of “orders to kill him.” He also stated that he had read the Koran enough to stick to their views.

After that, the visitors of the coffee shop began to yell at the man, calling him a racist and calling to get out of the house. All this time he stood with money in hand, however, the Barista did not take the payment. Dedi to the question why man does not serve, the Manager explained: “Because it violates the public peace. And is very racist”. The second part of the phrase client-Islamophobia did not hear, because very quickly left the room.