The Canadians met the Royal couple of Belgium, the German flag and not embarrassed

Canadians were very embarrassed during the visit of the Belgian Royal couple: Belgium flag mixed with the German. About it reports TV channel CBC.

the Error was noticed by the journalist Vim Diameter (Wim Dehandschutter). In your Twitter he wrote that the state symbol of Germany attached next to the canadian flag on the tree that Queen Fabiola of Belgium planted at the official residence of the Governor General of Canada Rideau hall in 1977.

“We quickly settled before the arrival of their Majesties”, — said the representative of Rideau hall. “We confused the flags, because they are the same colors. And we have very good relations with Germany, so I think that this is not a problem,” he added.

At the national German flag features three equal horizontal stripes: black, red, and yellow. The official symbol of Belgium consists of three vertical stripes: black, yellow and red.