The Chinese heard the Americans decided to arm themselves

China in 2018 will increase the military budget. This is stated in the report on the work of the government, released at the annual session of the Supreme legislative body — national people’s Congress of the people’s Congress (NPC), reports TASS.

defense Spending will grow by 8.1 per cent and will amount to 1.11 trillion yuan — about $ 175 billion. In 2017 they have been increased by seven percent for the first time in history crossed the one trillion yuan (nearly 152 billion dollars).

according to the Agency, the international organization believed that China significantly understates the data on the military budget. Analysts believe that the published information does not include several large funding, including expenses for strategic forces and scientific-technical development. Thus the real cost of China’s defense can be higher by 25-50 percent.

4 March, the representative of the national people’s Congress Zhang Yesui said that the country’s military policy is defensive in nature. “China’s development will not pose any threat to other countries”, — quoted his words “Xinhua”.

currently, China is in second place after the US in terms of military budget. Washington in 2018 will be spent on defense, $ 700 billion. At the same time in 2019 assume to Fund the Pentagon on 686 billion.

Earlier, the President of the United States Donald trump called Russia and China are rivals who challenge the interests of the economy and values of the country. In late January, Pentagon chief James Mattis said that Washington intends to spend billions of dollars on preparations for war in space with Russia and China.