The COP decided to save his daughter from a black guy-a pimp and lost his job

a White police officer from the U.S. state Ohio was fired after for no reason detained and threatened to jail the guy for his daughter. It is reported by The Chronicle.

John Kovach, Jr., (John Kovach Jr.) stopped the car 18-year-old black Dipping Coleman (Coleman Makai) and told him that he went to jail without telling them the reason for the detention. For record with the recorder you can hear how the police officer says: “do Not philosophize, and I’ll show you.” The guard ordered the young man to get into the police car, and on the question of the legality of the action said, “we’ll Figure something out along the way.”

according to the newspaper, Kovacs was looking for my daughter, which is not noticed on the back of a car by her boyfriend. The officer also tried to fined another girl for what she allegedly was not wearing a seat belt. The record shows, this time to the car for her mother and starts to argue, stating that the police officer find fault with her for personal reasons. “You do not need a form to hide behind the police, (…) you are still the official car cover (…) I now call the police”, she said.

after a verbal altercation Kovacs saw his daughter sitting in the car of the boyfriend. He forced the girl to leave, and then forced into a police car, despite the protests. In the end, he released the young man and the others.