The defendant in the “cocaine case” arrested in Germany

Russian Andrey Kovalchuk, is involved in “cocaine case” arrested. This information was confirmed by the press attache of the Russian Embassy in Germany Denis Mikerin, reports RIA Novosti.

“Arrested and will remain in custody until an extradition”, — said the representative of the diplomatic mission.

investigators believe Kovalchuk, the organizer of cocaine. After he retired from the Russian diplomatic mission in Berlin, he remained in Germany. There he was engaged in the supply of luxury cigars, coffee and alcohol via diplomatic pouch to avoid paying customs duties.

the Argentine newspaper Clarin in February published negotiations other defendants in the case, where Kovalchuk was called “Mr. K.”. The publication claimed that he had a conflict with the Russian Ambassador in Argentina Victor koronelli.

Investigation started once in December 2016 koronelli reported the Ministry of security that the school at the Embassy discovered a suspicious suitcases 12. They security forces found 389 kilograms of cocaine. It was noted that for controlled delivery of drug was replaced with flour and sent to the Russian diplomatic flight. In Argentina, was taken into custody two accused of the case. On the territory of Russia arrested three.