The defense Ministry denied the statement of the IG of the death of Russian troops in Syria

Ministry of defence has denied the message of the “Islamic state” (ISIS, an organization banned in Russia) about the alleged dozens of dead Russian troops in Syria in the attack. It is reported “Interfax”.

“No loss of Russian troops in the province of Deraa, and in General on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, was not there — say in the Ministry of defence. All Russian soldiers are alive, healthy and fulfil their tasks as planned”.

Earlier telegram channel 4 Directorate, which monitors the activities of terrorist organizations, handed the message of the IG, which says that a suicide bomber killed 35 Russian and Syrian military in the province of Daraa in southern Syria. According to the militants, the suicide bomber Laden with explosives, the car arrived in the city Saison where were military personnel, and made the attack.