The destruction of the terrorists drew “military drums”

Syrian government troops have engaged in clashes with terrorists in Eastern ghouta upgraded BMP-1, which was nicknamed the “battle of the barrel” for the installed characteristic of the tower. Unusual armored vehicles drew “Herald of Mordovia”.

according to the publication, these infantry fighting vehicles have already demonstrated their efficiency, in particular, due to the rather high level of security due to the spaced armor screens, which are mounted not only at the front and sides of the car and in the back. In addition, the “battle of the barrel” have a high firepower, which is provided by the two 23-mm guns ZU-23-2.

a Significant disadvantage of BMP is only the lack of modern fire control system, said “Herald of Mordovia”. Syrian engineers are trying to solve this problem, but their technique quickly breaks down, since the use of no special military electronic components.

As the newspaper notes, upgraded Syrians BMP-1 still in all parameters surpass analogues, produced in Iraq and Iran.