The DPRK has offended “the military mess” the United States and South Korea

Pyongyang has threatened to cancel the summit, the US — DPRK because of military exercises that together offer the country. About it reports South Korean Agency Yonhap.

“the U.S. will have to seriously discuss the fate of the planned summit in light of this provocative military fuss, implemented jointly with the authorities of South Korea”, — quotes the edition the statement of the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea.

moreover, Pyongyang has decided to cancel talks with Seoul at the highest level, which was take place may 16. According to North Korean authorities, military exercises the US and South Korea — rehearsal of the invasion and provocation amid warming inter-Korean relations.

Joint military exercises with the US, Max Thunder is held in South Korea from April 15. They are about two thousand soldiers of the American and South Korean soldiers, transmit RIA Novosti.

on April 27, the Leaders of the DPRK and the Republic of Korea Kim Jong UN and moon Jae In spent the first ever summit on the South Korean part of the demilitarized zone. The heads of state signed a joint Declaration and agreed to move toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.