The evidence of successful missile strike on Syria

American CNN released satellite images of facilities for the production of chemical weapons in Syria, which was subjected to missile attack, caused jointly by the US military, France and the UK.

the Bombardment two objects in the province of HOMS and one on the outskirts of Damascus. It is alleged that the first images of targets in HOMS were made on 13 April, the second — April 14, after a night attack, and the object in the Syrian capital, photographed on 8 and 14 April, respectively.

Ministry of defence USA after surgery said that none of the missiles reached the targets and successfully hit them, and the means of the Syrian air defence failed to intercept no American plane or missile. At the same time the official Damascus insists that the defense system of the country managed to shoot down most missiles, but recognizes the material damage.

In the course of the joint attack on the United States, France and Britain was involved sea and air carriers of cruise missiles, in particular ships, submarine fleet fighters and bombers. Strikes from the Persian Gulf, red and Mediterranean seas. In all there were 105 missiles, 85 of them used the us military.