The former head of the FBI spoke about the incompetent trump

Former Director Federal Bureau of investigation United States James Comey has told, why considers the American President Donald trump incompetent. His words leads ABC News.

According to Komi, people often say that trump can’t take the presidency because he is supposedly the initial stage of dementia. “It seems to me a man with above-average intelligence, who follows the thread of the conversation and knows what’s going on. I don’t think it is from a medical point of view incapable of being President. I think he’s morally unfit,” said the former head of the FBI.

He believes that the American leader must embody respect and adhere to the core values of the country, to be honest. “This President is unable to do it,” — said Komi. In his opinion, now led by the United States is a man, “which speaks about women as pieces of meat, and refers to them constantly lying as a small and serious issues, and insists that the Americans believe that.”

Earlier in April, trump urged to give Komi the court. According to him, the former Director of the FBI “leaked classified information” and lied to Congress under oath.

Komi Republic, was dismissed from his post in may 2017. He wrote a memoir, in which he compared trump with the mafia, demanding personal loyalty. According to the newspaper the Washington Post, the book “Supreme devotion. Truth, lies and leadership” (A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership), which should appear on sale on April 17, Komi Republic, describes the President as “a notorious liar”.