The German authorities fell out over the issue of migrants

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and head interior Ministry Horst Seehofer can’t negotiate and agree on a common policy towards migration policy. It is reported by Die Welt.

it is Noted that the policy met on the evening of 13 June. Their negotiations lasted 2.5 hours and ended without result.

Merkel heads the Christian democratic Union (CDU), Seehofer, the Bavarian Christian social Union (CSU). Both parties over many years constitute a block together with the social Democrats form the ruling German coalition.

another Seehofer Prime Minister of Bavaria, which was the largest flow of refugees in Germany has taken a tough stance towards the migrants. It is reported that he proposes to refuse arriving at the asylum is right on the German border.

Merkel with such a proposal does not agree. Currently, migrants can get to Germany and apply there application for asylum and then expect decisions on their work within the country.

According to the Federal office for migrants and refugees, 2015 to April 2018 in Germany, there were more than 1.5 million applications for asylum.