The Indian military will learn Chinese killing Chinese

Indian border guards are sent on a one-year course of Chinese language study. Their goal is also called the preparation of India for a possible military confrontation with China, reports The Global Times.

All the courses will be sent 25 employees of the Indo-Tibetan border police. It is reported that this should help the Indians to establish communication with the Chinese border.

the Newspaper reports that some Chinese experts believe in the importance of studying Chinese Indian military. Other, at the same time, believe that for India it will be another effective weapon in the event of a military clash with China.

“Understanding Chinese language and culture can help India take control of the border area, so language learning is also a strategic training”, — said the military expert song Zhongping.

According to the Global Times, in the 2016-2017 academic year, four Indian soldiers graduated from a language course in Chinese language. Now they are serving in the border areas.

Concern over the Indian initiative in China causes a conflict of the authorities of the two States over the disputed territory of the plateau Declam that occurred in August of last year. Then the decision of Beijing to pave the road through the disputed territory of the plateau has led to the fact that India and China led the armed forces on the border in a state of full combat readiness. However, military clashes occurred in the end of the month, the parties agreed to the breeding effort.