The migrants asked for asylum in Germany, he raped a girl and got caught

Migrant from Iraq confessed to the rape and murder of 14-year-old girl, a Jewess in Germany. According to Deutsche Welle, escaped from Europe 20-year-old Ali Bashar was arrested in the homeland of the Kurdish security forces.

the Body of Susanna Feldman, missing in late may, was found June 6 near a migrant centre in Wiesbaden. Reuters said that the corpse was hidden in a wooded area. The autopsy showed that the minor was the victim of brutal violence.

One of the migrants living at the centre, spoke about the possible involvement of Ali Bashar to the girl’s disappearance. According to some, before they disappeared Susanna about something argued with the Iraqi, but if they were familiar, known. When the police start looking for him, it turned out that the young man had left the country: he, along with his family a few days left Germany via Turkey reached the Motherland.

In the end for his arrest issued an international warrant. Deutsche Welle also indicates that many people have the question of how eight people were able to fly out of the country on tickets issued in other names.

Kurdish security forces arrested Ali in the city of Zakho in the early morning of 8 June. It is noted that this occurred seven hours after the security forces received information about his search. Apparently, the young man passed the members of his family, said the Focus. He confessed to the crime.

reportedly, Ali arrived in Germany in 2015. In 2016 he was refused asylum, but he was allowed to remain in the country until it considered the appeal on the decision. It is expected that now the arrested will be transferred back to Germany, it can happen on the evening of 9 June.

Reuters also writes that there is no evidence that the crime is related to the Jewish origin of the girls. In this regard, the police urged the Central Council of Jews in Germany not to attribute to the attacker’s anti-Semitic motives.

the Incident forced the authorities to speak openly about the issue of asylum. As indicated, requests and appeals of decisions understand extremely long, and the current system migrants specially used to delay the expulsion to his homeland. Now the authorities intend to consider the proposal of the head interior Ministry Horst Seehofer about creating centralized organizations for the processing of applications to speed up the verdicts and deportation.