The nightmare continues

Pakistani pedophiles still massively rape school girls in Rotherham

Two years have passed since the provincial British town of Rotherham was at the center of the scandal that shook the United Kingdom. Human rights defenders published a report in which it was reported that over 16 years, representatives of the Pakistani community raped more than 1.4 thousand white girls. Despite public indignation and the violent reaction of the media, since August 2014 the situation in the city has practically not changed. Local authorities, fearing accusations of racism, still turn a blind eye to what is happening, and criminals are walking freely, continuing sexual exploitation of minors.

“It’s just as bad as two years ago, because policemen do not care about anything, they just do not want to mess with it,” one of the girls who were sexually abused told the Daily Express.

“I know several victims who testified, but they were accused of racism. Many victims and mouths will not be revealed, and to be honest, I do not blame them, – another victim, named Lizzy, echoes it. – Such crimes have not become less. I’m no longer shocked by these stories, I’m used to them. Every day we hear about new victims of violence. All you can do is support them. I would not advise them to go to the police, they still will not do anything. ”

According to the victims, if two years ago their statements were simply ignored by law enforcement officials, now they have to wait for months until they are summoned for testimony. And when the victims of violence nevertheless come to the police, they are looked at with ill-concealed disgust, treating them not as victims, but as young prostitutes who chose such a trade of their own free will. Some are openly accused of having entered into sexual relations with Pakistanis voluntarily.

Tolerance with a special cynicism

The police are afraid to contact both the girls themselves and their parents, who are receiving threats from pedophiles. According to the father of one of the victims, criminals are constantly hanging around his house, intimidating his family. “In March of this year for two weeks every day there was a knock at the door – they said that the delivery service arrived. But we did not order food at home. In the door peephole, we saw a car full of Asians (…). Sometimes we hear in our address on the street: “Hey you white bastards, do not think that your daughters are safe!” Pedophiles rule our city, and the police sit idly by. ”

To investigate the rape case in Rotherham, the British government commissioned the National Agency for Combating Crime. Local authorities claim that in two years the city has done a lot to ensure security, but the townspeople are sure that the investigation has not moved from the dead end. Since April 2015, another 161 cases of sexual violence have been recorded in the city.

In the town of Rotherham with a population of 257,000 people from 1997 to 2013, more than 1.4 thousand white teenage girls were raped


“What did the National Agency for Combating Crime do all this time? There was not a single arrest! We are just in despair, “complains one of the victims of the violence, Ellie. “It’s still fucking hard to live here.”The police report that about two dozen people were found guilty and received from 4 to 12 years in prison, about 300 more suspects were identified, but they have not yet been charged. In addition, more than 160 law enforcement officers have been identified, which hindered the investigation and tried to hide the facts of sexual exploitation of children. At the present time, the question is whether to limit their disciplinary punishment or bring them to legal liability.

According to human rights activist Ann Mary Waters, who conducted her own investigation, the measures taken are just a drop in the bucket, and a business built on forcing teenagers to engage in prostitution continues to flourish in Rotherham. Representatives of six criminal gangs operating in the city, since 2014, have made millions of years of sexual exploitation of children.

Covering pedophiles

In August 2014, British professor Alexis Jay published a report that produced the effect of a bomb exploding. The human rights activist reported that in the town of Rotherham (population 257 thousand people) from 1997 to 2013, more than 1.4 thousand white teenage girls were raped. Children (mostly from boarding schools and disadvantaged families) were abducted, tormented and sold into sexual slavery to other cities in the north of England. Often, through torture, threats, and often drugs, minors were involved in prostitution.

According to the girls, the police treat them not as victims, but as juvenile prostitutes

Many victims of violence were afraid to address the police – criminals threatened them with death. Those who still decided on this, still could not achieve justice: the guards simply refused to accept applications, fearing accusations of intolerance and racism.

The Pakistani community of Rotherham is quite large – more than eight thousand people. I did not want to contact the police. In addition, a native of this community for a long time was deputy mayor (during the investigation it was revealed that he knew about the sexual relationship of a relative with a minor). And one more Pakistani was a deputy of the mayor’s office from the Labor Party. Because of this, the Laborites were even accused of deliberately covering pedophiles, fearing losing the votes of Muslims in the elections.

White slaves

The outbreak of the scandal forced the resignation of the head of the city council Roger Stone, the chief of police of South Yorkshire, Shaun Wright, as well as the entire composition of the local city council. The officials who came to replace them began vying to apologize to the victims of violence and promised to thoroughly investigate what had happened so that in the future nothing like this would happen again. On the wave of public protest, which erupted after the publication of the report, policemen took a zealous step in the investigation. However, in two years their fuse has faded.