The Prime Minister went to the Registrar of real estate

Former Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy, who retired from his post on June 15, got a new job. About it reports The Telegraph.

the Politician returned to the position which was held 28 years ago and became the Registrar of private property in the small coastal town of Santa Pola, near Alicante. Gathered on the morning of Wednesday, June 20, in front of the office reporters Rajoy said that “not worried about your first day at work”.

the Publication notes that usually the former leaders of the countries continue his career in various collections or as advisers, but the Prime Minister decided to withdraw completely from the political scene. “I’m going back to where he was — he said to journalists. — Life goes on.”

Rajoy has worked in the field of registration of real estate in Santa Pola two years before in 1990 decided to build a political career. The Telegraph notes that the man, apparently, the taste return to ordinary life: he was seen on a morning jog on the beach, and then at Breakfast in a restaurant nearby.

the Newspaper also writes that his return to the present position can be justified including for financial reasons: according to statistics in an average month, the Registrar earns up to 15 thousand euros, which is at least two times more than head of government.