The prisoners staged a massacre in an American prison

In a protected prison in the us state of South Carolina there have been numerous fights between inmates. On Monday, April 16, reports Bloomberg.

the unrest in the prison started late in the evening of April 15, local time (the night of April 16, Moscow time) and lasted about eight hours. It is noted that the massacre affected the three case companies. To stop the fight, prisoners were only able with the help of employees law enforcement state.

According to the representative of the penitentiary institution, as a result, seven persons were killed. Dozens more were injured, and 17 of them needed the help of doctors outside the prison walls. At the same time, no guard or the guard of the wounds received.

In a protected prison in Bishopville are about 1,5 thousand prisoners, including some of the most brutal and sentenced to long terms of criminals. For three years in the institution, three people were killed: in 2015 there during the fight, killed two employees, and in February, one inmate killed another. It is noted that this is the highest number of deaths in all prisons of the state for the same period.