The Russian foreign Ministry blamed the shelling of Syria “proclaims its exceptionalism of the country”

Official representative foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the attack on Damascus struck “proclaims its exceptionalism of the country.” She wrote in his Facebook.

“First, the Syrian people have tried to “Arab spring”, then ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia), now the American smart missile. The capital of a sovereign state, many years trying to survive in the face of terrorist aggression that caused a shock,” she wrote.

“Behind all this are those who claim to moral leadership in this world, declares its exclusivity. You have to be truly exceptional to at a time when Syria got a chance for a peaceful future, shelling its capital”, said the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry.

Zakharov also said that 15 years ago, the United States “used the tube and his Secretary, now, instead of vials Washington used the media,” pointing to recent reports of the White house that the confidence in the chemical attack of Damascus based on “media reports about the symptoms, videos and photos, and credible information.”

currently, the first joint RAID by U.S. troops, Britain and France on Syria ended. According to the head of the Pentagon James Mattis, the impact was a one-time, additional attacks are not yet scheduled but is not excluded.