The Spaniards decided to bring the corpse of the dictator of the memorial to its victims

the Spanish socialist government decided to exhume the remains of dictator Francisco Franco and to take them out of the mausoleum in the valley of the Fallen. About it reports The Local.

In the opinion of socialists, the memorial should become a “place of reconciliation” for a country that is still recovering from his fascist past. “A specific date yet, but we’ll do it very soon”, — said the Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

“Spain cannot allow the existence of characters that separate citizens of the country. Such monuments unthinkable in Germany or Italy, in our country they too should not be”, — he added.

the Transfer of the remains of the dictator from the cemetery — a long-standing subject of controversy in Spanish society. In 2017, this issue has already submitted the vote in Parliament. The Spanish socialist workers party (PSOE) also supported the transfer of the remains of the dictator in 2013, while in opposition after the electoral defeat in 2011. Then, according to opinion polls, made more than half the country’s citizens, but the initiative was never implemented.

the Creation of the Valley of the Fallen began after the civil war of 1936-1939. Franco ordered to bury in the Valley of both supporters and opponents of his regime. However, after that adopted in Spain in 2007 of the law On “historical memory” it became a memorial to the victims of francoism. Streets named in honor of the leader, was renamed and his statue removed.

according to the newspaper, the memorial is still a place of worship of the dictator, supporters of his rule. Every year in November, the Foundation Francisco Franco arranges the mausoleum ceremony in memory of Generalissimo.

Francisco Franco in 1936 staged a military coup and started a civil war against the Republican government with the support of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy. After the victory in the war, he established in Spain the right totalitarian regime. During the Second world war Spain remained neutral, but after the defeat of the Axis powers Franco granted asylum to many fugitive Nazi war criminals. Repression against political opponents of the Franco regime lasted until his death in 1975.