The state Department had not spent the money to fight the Russian propaganda

the Us government has not spent a penny of the $ 120 million that the U.S. Congress for two years has allocated to combating propaganda, allegedly carried out by the Russian authorities. This writes The New York Times.

according to the newspaper, this is additional confirmation the passive response of the administration of us President Donald trump on the Russian intervention in the internal Affairs of States.

According to the former Deputy head of the Department of state for public diplomacy James Glassman, events are a reflection of the lack of administration interest in the jihadist opposition or the Russian propaganda. “They have the means to do this work. But they have no Secretary or President, who would be interested in its execution,” he said.

the Newspaper says that $ 60 million to the Pentagon instructed to forward to counter foreign interference in the elections and anti-democratic propaganda from Russia and China in 2016 — during the administration of Barack Obama. It was then decided that the money will give the Center for global engagement at the state Department, who was involved in countering extremist propaganda.

Then to power in an administration trump. Appointed him to the position of Secretary Rex Tillerson seven months could not decide whether to spend the money. As a result, in September 2017, he approved delivery. However, due to the end of the fiscal year (October 1 to September 30 — approx. “the”) in the Pentagon decided that the right of the state Department on the allocation of funds already invalid.

with the beginning of the new year on “anti-propaganda” was also 60 million. After this discussion about how many should eventually get a state Department. Only 26 of February of 2018, the defense Department agreed to transfer $ 40 million — a third of the total. According to officials, they expect to receive money in April, but before the transfer of funds is necessary to resolve many disputes.