The state Department has promised to return Russia removed from the Consulate General flag

US state Department promised to return the Russian Embassy flag from the Consul-General’s residence in Seattle. The decision on his removal made in connection with the fact that the Embassy lost their status, said the representative of the Ministry TASS on Tuesday, 1 may.

“In accordance with the Vienna Convention on consular relations, the United States has withdrawn its consent to the establishment and operation of consular offices of Russia in Seattle April 1, 2018. Because the residence of the Consul General no longer have the status of residence of the head of the consular post, it would be inappropriate to leave it hover there a Russian flag,” — said in the state Department.

representative of the Ministry said that on Saturday evening, April 28, the flag that was left at the flagpole of the Russian officials, with respect later.

Earlier on Monday, media noticed that the flagpole on the Embassy building were empty. The Embassy of Russia actions of the American authorities called it unacceptable and demanded the return of a state symbol in place as the residence of the Consul General is the property of the Russian Federation and inviolable.