The state Department responded to the threat of Kim Jong-UN to cancel the meeting with trump

Washington has not received from Pyongyang to any notification of the cancellation of the meeting of the President of the United States Donald trump North Korean leader Kim Jong UN. This was stated to journalists by the spokesman Heather Nauert, publishes video recording of the speech channel C-SPAN.

she said the DPRK had neither formal nor informal communications.

Neuert stressed that preparation for negotiations will be continued. She noted that the military exercises that the US conducts jointly with South Korea, not provocative, Kim Jong-UN himself earlier noted their importance for both countries.

Earlier: North and South Korean media reported that the leader of North Korea threatened to celebrate the summit with the United States because of the ongoing military exercises. In addition, Pyongyang decided cancel talks with Seoul at the highest level, which was to be held on may 16.

Joint military exercises with the US, Max Thunder is held in South Korea from April 15.