The Syrian opposition wanted to create chaos after a possible U.S. strikes

the Syrian opposition expects to go on the offensive after a possible US strike on Syria. The words of one of the commanders of the “free Syrian army” (CCA) transmits RIA Novosti.

Opponents of Syrian President Bashar Assad plan to regain the lost areas and to win new ones, the officer said PAS Fateh Hassoun. “We will try to use this strike in the first place in the military, on the battlefields, as these shocks lead to dissipation of the forces of Assad, to create chaos in its ranks and retreat,” said he.

Earlier on 11 April, the President of the United States Donald trump in his Twitter urged Russia ready to shoot down American missiles in the skies over Syria.

Russia’s Ambassador in Lebanon said that Moscow reserves the right to strike at the sources of fire and shoot down the missiles if the U.S. would use force against Syria. Who authorized the diplomat to make such statements, was not specified.

the Evening of April 6, Syrian troops launched an operation to release of militants Duma — the last uncontrolled forces of President Bashar al-Assad village in Eastern ghouta.