The teacher created a “fight club” for the sake of friendship with the students and pleased by the court

a secondary school Teacher in the us state of Connecticut was accused of control teenage “fight club”, reports Fox News channel.

reportedly, the substitute teacher Ryan fish witnessed at least three fights that were held in October 2017. They involved adolescent boys aged 14-16 years.

“I’m really an idiot, wanted to make friends with them. I’m sorry, I just wanted to be closer to the children. I thought they were just messing around,” gave his informed words of the Hartford Courant.

on the day when the situation became known to school officials, fish explained fighting the fact that “boys will be boys”. As reported by the police officer, the teacher was fired immediately.

during the investigation, one of the students told that the suspect in the lessons shared with them their experiences of the use of marijuana and were allowed to draw on the chalkboard the male genitals.

Police became interested in fish only in December, when the student complained to the social worker that he was beaten and robbed at school. The Directorate explained that did not give the matter publicity, as it was believed that what happened in the October fight — isolated case.