The U.S. decided to punish Russia over Syria

the U.S. decided not to impose new sanctions against Moscow. The authorities informed the Russian side through the Embassy in Washington, reports “Interfax” citing a source in foreign Ministry.

“I confirm that the Russian Embassy in Washington was notified that new sanctions in the near future will not” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Sunday, April 15, it was reported that the US is preparing to introduce restrictive measures against Moscow in response to Russia’s support of Syrian President Bashar Assad, which the US believes is responsible for the chemical attacks in the country. About it said the US Ambassador in Moscow Jon huntsman, as well as the permanent representative of the United States in UN Nikki Haley passed TASS.

Later the head of the National economic Council under President Donald trump Lawrence Kudlow told reporters that the question of the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions is still pending and final decision is not accepted. He also added that Haley was not informed about the change in Washington’s position regarding the new restrictions.