The United States wanted to see Russia in Afghanistan

Washington wants Russia to become more actively involved in resolving the situation in Afghanistan. It is reported TASS citing a statement by the Deputy assistant Secretary of state for South and Central Asia Alice wells.

In particular, the White house believes that Moscow should provide more assistance to the government of Afghanistan. “[Russia] can play an important role in contributing to the stabilization efforts in the country. We’d like to do more and have provided assistance to the government of Afghanistan, which would obsession them the victory or the entry of terrorists into peace negotiations,” she said.

According to wells, the Kremlin will benefit if the situation in Afghanistan stabiliziruemost.

At the same time on the question of whether Moscow is supplying weapons Taliban (banned in Russia), she didn’t answer specifically. “Russia denies it, but takes the position that the Taliban is a legitimate force in the fight against terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia),” — said the representative of the state Department.

according to the Agency, the United States repeatedly expressed the assumption that Russia is providing military support to the Taliban. Moscow denies such accusations.

on 9 June it was reported that the Taliban for the first time in 17 years announced truce. The authorities of Afghanistan said a ceasefire from 11 to 19 June. Later it was extended for another 10 days.

However, on 20 June, the members of the movement seized military base in Badghis province in Northwest Afghanistan and killed 30 soldiers.