Tolerance with a special cynicism

How the British covered a gang of Pakistani pedophiles, fearing to appear racists

The second week the UK can not recover from the shock after the scandal that erupted on August 26. Then British human rights activists published a report in which it was reported that in the quiet town of Rotherham with a population of 257,000 people for 16 years, Pakistanis raped more than 1.4 thousand children, many of the victims were later involved in prostitution. A special cynicism was that the police and local officials knew about this, but preferred to turn a blind eye to what was happening, so as not to appear intolerant.

Attempts to draw public attention to the fact that in the XXI century in a small town located in South Yorkshire, reign truly medieval manners, were made repeatedly. Human rights defenders published reports and urged local police officers to initiate an investigation into the mass incidence of pedophilia among Asian immigrants residing in Rotherham. The police ignored or arrested the statements of raped teenagers who tried to save their children. As the victims themselves later admitted, when they turned to the law enforcement for help, they looked at them with disgust or openly accused that they had entered into sexual relations with the Pakistanis at will.

The hope that the British authorities will finally pay attention to what happened is in 2010. Then five men, whom the judge called sexual predators, received large prison terms for raping teenage girls and involving them in prostitution. Children were attacked in cars, parks and even on playgrounds. However, this is all limited – the remaining criminals are still walking on freedom.

The nightmare continues

The report, published by human rights activists in late August, made Britain shudder with horror. In it, Professor Alexis Jay reported that from 1997 to 2013, Pakistanis raped more than 1.4 thousand white teenage girls. Basically they were all from dysfunctional families. “It’s hard to describe what the children went through. They were abducted, beaten, raped and sold to other towns in the north of England. In some cases, children were poured with gasoline and threatened with fire, intimidated with weapons, showed a video with brutal reprisals and promised that they would do the same if they told someone. A girl at the age of 11 was raped by several men at once. ”

Local authorities and guardians of the order, knowing about what was happening, did not initiate criminal cases. According to Jay, the police were afraid to be known as racists. “They admitted that they were embarrassed to talk about the ethnicity of the criminals, because they did not want to appear intolerant,” others “recalled that the commanders gave them clear instructions not to do so to prevent the course of racism.” According to the police, “this threatened public peace and could attract the attention of extremist political groups,” the report said.

In response, the journalists of the British edition of The Spectator wrote: “Some people are even more worried about how people would not think what’s wrong with the Pakistanis, and they do not think about their victims, these children at all. They are worried about rapists, but they are not at all concerned about the potential racial hatred of white by these rapists and how these children betrayed power. ”

Meanwhile, Americans from The American Conservative were more radical in assessing what is happening in Britain: “It’s hard to believe how weak and wicked many English people are. They allow you to rape and torture your daughters and dare not say a word, because someone somewhere can call them a racist or a supporter of the British National Party. ”

In Rotherham, there are eight thousand people from Pakistan, with whom the police prefer not to get involved. So, for a long time the Pakistani Jahangir Akhtar was the deputy mayor of the city, and Shaukat Ali was a deputy of the mayor’s office from the Labor Party. By the way, Akhtar was forced to leave his post after it became clear that he was aware of the connection of his relative with one of the girls.

Because of this scandal, the Labor Party was accused of “covering the people from Asia” so as not to lose the votes of Muslims in the elections. The statement by Labor MP Denis Maksheyn on the BBC channel only added fuel to the fire: “I did not want to rock the multicultural boat. As a reader of the Guardian and a left liberal, I did not want to raise this issue. ”

White slaves

In the network there were suggestions that in the rape of underage girls, the representatives of the authorities and guardians of order themselves were implicated. So, the head of Britain’s oldest charitable organization, The League of Howard for Prison Reform, Francis Cook wrote in her Twitter account: “I do not belong to conspiracy, but the police must be involved in such a large-scale sexual exploitation of children.”

Right now, human rights activists are calling on the Rotherham authorities to resign. The same, in turn, vied with each other to apologize to the victims of violence and promise to thoroughly investigate what happened in order to prevent a repeat of the situation in the future. “Once again I want to bring my deepest apologies to those who have not received help in trouble. I instructed the police to find out why this happened, and to make sure that this never happened again in Rotherham, “said Martin Kimber, managing director of the local council. Of all the officials, only the head of the city council, Roger Stone, who had held this post since 2003, resigned.

In a wave of public protest, the police began investigating such cases in several English cities. Guardians of the order do not exclude that in the near future it will be known about no less monstrous crimes committed by Asians in Oxford and Derby.