Trade war the United States and China has passed the stage demonstrate the power of the military fleets

the Threat of sanctions from Washington and Beijing has forced the parties to demonstrate the power of the Navy in the South China sea. This is stated in the article, military analyst Minnie Chan published in South China Morning Post.

5 APR China began unprecedented scale naval exercises in the South China sea. It was a response to the impending in the region of the doctrine of the three carrier battle groups the US Navy. China will involve more than 40 warships from the Northern, Eastern and Inomarkah fleets. On the idea of command they must demonstrate China’s military power.

And stressed that the demonstration of military force must show determination to defend economic interests. “China wants to show the world its determination to defend the results of economic reforms in the last 40 years. Like the US, China’s military power is one of the policy instruments of the government to protect the national interests of the country,” — commented military analyst Zhou Chenming.

the article emphasizes that naval exercises of China and the United States are superficially resemble threats of the introduction of trading fees. Washington is trying to demonstrate his power in response, China stands ready to defend its interests.

3 APR Washington publicationl a list of 1,300 names of Chinese goods, which must be entered an additional fee at the rate of 25 percent. The total amount of fees $ 50 billion. Measures, in particular, will concern such spheres as information and communication technology, robotics, engineering and shipbuilding, development and production of railway equipment, pharmaceutical products.

April 5, the President of the United States Donald trump said he was willing to raise fees by another $ 100 billion.

In response, Beijing promised to use symmetric measures against American goods.