Trump praised the “awesome” Kim Jong-UN

U.S. President Donald trump described his North Korean counterpart Kim Jong UN as “funny and smart” and “great negotiator”. He told this in an interview on Fox News.

“he’s a fine character, he’s funny and very smart,” said trump. He also noted Kim’s talent to negotiate and added that he is a good strategist.

According to the American leader, they are with Kim Jong-UN hit it off from the first minute of meeting. At the same time, he emphasized that it resulted precisely from his early sharp remarks about colleagues.

a Month ago, trump called it “a little rocket” and warned that North Korea is waiting for “unprecedented anger and rage from the United States if Pyongyang will continue its nuclear provocations.” “I do not want to say, sometimes I feel silly about this, but we had no choice,” explained his statements by the White house.

Earlier, on 13 June reported that the two leaders agreed on the mutual visits.

the US President Donald trump and the North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN spent the first bilateral summit and signed according to its results the document. The American leader called it “an important, comprehensive and detailed”, and also able to solve “big and dangerous problem.” In turn, Kim Jong-UN, thanked trump for the historic meeting and stated that the parties decided “to leave the past behind.” According to him, now “the world will see great change.”