US senators want to hear from Russia

a Group of senators-Democrats of the United States addressed to the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson with a call to start a dialogue with Russia on strategic stability after the statements of the Russian President about the new weapon. About this report RIA Novosti.

the Letter was signed by senators Jeff Merk, Dianne Feinstein, Edward Markey and independent Senator, not the last primaries of the Democrats before the presidential election 2016, Bernie Sanders.

“the Strategic dialogue between the US and Russia has become more urgent after the public statements of President Putin on 1 March, when he mentioned about several new types of nuclear weapons, which Russia reportedly is developing, including cruise missile and nuclear submarine UAV”, — said in the letter.

at the same time the American MPs believe that Russia should be more cooperative in limiting nuclear weapons. “Attempts of the Obama administration to negotiate on this class of weapons met resistance from the Russian side”, — is told in the document.

According to the senators, Moscow has violated the Treaty on the reduction of strategic offensive arms (start-3) Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range nuclear forces (INF).

However, as stated by the signatories, the US state Department needs to find new ways of cooperation with Russia to develop joint mechanisms for peace on the planet.

March 1 during the message to Federal Assembly the Russian President Vladimir Putin introduced new types of weapons. Among them, a cruise missile with a compact nuclear power plant, an underwater drone, the missile “Sarmat” and rocket complex “Avangard”. According to Putin, the new weapons created in the framework of existing international agreements. At the same time, the Russian President urged the United States to dialogue.

In the United States in response to promised to upgrade their own nuclear capabilities.