US thinking about the possibility of withdrawal of troops from Germany

the U.S. defense Department calculates the cost of the withdrawal of American troops from Germany or their transfer to Poland. About this newspaper The Washington Post.

According to sources, this is a common analysis at a low level, the results of which may be required during the discussion in the higher circles.

the Authors note that all this is happening against the background of the rising tension between the President of the United States Donald trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. As the paper explains, the American leader was surprised to learn that in a European country is stationed about 35 thousand military personnel from the United States. He said that the allies did not make a proper contribution to ensuring common security.

the Publication adds that officials in Europe are worried after learning that the Pentagon is evaluating the possibility of such a step. According to them, at the forthcoming NATO summit in Brussels on July 11-12, trump will criticize them for inadequate funding of defense.