XI Jinping was against his eternal reign

Chinese President XI Jinping opposed lifetime of ruling the country. About it writes on Monday, April 16, The Financial Times.

According to the newspaper, at recent meetings with foreign and Chinese officials, XI Jinping expressed his attitude to indefinite tenure of the President. Two of the interlocutors informed the publication that he was extremely surprised when I got this question. “The President said he personally opposes, and the world’s misunderstood [constitutional] amendment,” — said one of the sources.

At the same time during the meetings, the Chinese leader did not specify whether he intended to stay three or more term in office in the position of General Secretary of the Communist party or the Chairman of the Central military Commission of the PRC.

In March, China approved changing the Constitution of the country. Deputies at session of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives (vsnp) — the highest legislative body, among other things, approved the abolition of restrictions on the position of Chairman of the PRC and his Deputy. Before these posts could not take more than two consecutive terms.

In November last year, XI Jinping was elected General Secretary of the Communist party. The Charter of the PDA restrictions on employment of senior party post is not provided.